Spiritual Fasting:

Fasting spirituallySometimes in this fast paced world, it is hard to remember that life is not simply driving us. The seemingly impossible can be achieved but not unless we choose to embark upon a journey.

Fasting is about faith, family, love and jihad. Jihad? Isn’t that like terrorism?
Nope. There are two types of Jihad which means struggle in Arabic. The lesser form is about struggling with those who challenge our faith. The greater form is about overcoming our own desires and flaws. Fasting is about the greater jihad.

Regardless of what faith we call our own, now is the time to broaden the relationship we have with the Creator. To begin on this journey we have to take the first step.

It has often been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Perhaps we don’t know where we will end up, but certainly we will never get anywhere if we don’t decide to head towards our goal.

Spiritual Fasting is one such journey.

Ramadan is the Muslim fast. Since I am Muslim, I am writing this universally spiritual book about fasting from a primarily Muslim perspective. My basis is the fast of Ramadan. As you read, you will find that this book is much more than just about Muslim beliefs. I’ve endeavored to include ideas and quotes from Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, and other major world religions. This fast doesn’t have to happen during Ramadan, however, there is something wonderful to know that a billion people are struggling with the same spiritual issues at the same time as you. I recommend giving it a try during Ramadan.


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