Some of My Travels

Here are links to a few pages of my travels:


Walking the Perimeter of Oahu

A European Wander

Traipsing through Cappadocia and Central Anatolia


Wandering Around Serbia

Amtrak Across the USA

Exploring Western Turkey


My First Month in Spain

More European Wandering

Istanbul, Istanbul, Istanbul


Travels in Greece

South Korea Wandering

China in 2001

Exploring Kuala Lumpur

Hitching Across Canada with $2

SE ASia in 2001 – Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia

Bulgaria and Macedonia

Falling in Love in Morocco

Philippines in 2003

Tripping in the USA

Flashback to 2008

Hawaii – All the Islands Except for Two

Random Hitch on I-5 #1

Random Hitch on I-5 #2

Around the USA 1994-2000

Travels in Morocco

Singapore and Indonesia 2011

Italy, France, Spain, and England 2012

Egypt 2012

Tahiti 2005

Burning Man 2005

Malta 2012


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