Sleeping in Shelters and Missions

Shelters and Missions

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I don’t like homeless shelters or missions. I’ve visited them, but never bothered staying. I’ve talked with enough people who have to know that it’s not for me. There is an underlying edge of violence and theft that seems to pervade such places. I’m not interested in hearing about God in exchange for a bed. In visiting, I’ve found that shelters seem to be places devoid of hope. There are many options that are much more appealing.

If you need to stay in a shelter or at a mission there are a few things you need to know. First you should find a way to safeguard your important things. If you are packing heavy with things you don’t want to lose, find a place to stash them. Most shelters are filled with unsavory types that will go through your bag. Sure, you might think, but why would they want to steal from me, I’m poor too! Exactly. It’s easier to prey on the poor than on the rich. If you have money, important papers, or credit cards, etc. keep them on your person at all times or ask the person running the shelter if there is a secure place to put them. As for the rest of your gear, keep an eye on it.

I don’t mean to sound completely negative about shelters and missions. I’ve met plenty of good people that stayed in them because they needed to. It’s a valuable service. You can make friends with these people once you are there. There is truth to the statement that there is safety in numbers.

If you are not a person of a religious nature or if you don’t like having religion crammed down your throat, this might be a difficult place for you to stay. Most of the missions and shelters are religiously based and they love to shove that religion down people’s throats.