Sierra Club willing to Negotiate with Superferry

I’m relieved to see that the Sierra Club isn’t interested in shutting down the Superferry. This whole situation is ridiculous. It’s shit like this that keeps Hawai’i as a horrid place to do business and as a result as a backwater in the Pacific rather than an economic powerhouse working towards sustainability.

The Sierra Club said it is willing to negotiate with Hawaii Superferry officials about allowing the ferry to resume operations.
The Superferry has been sitting at Honolulu Harbor. Environmentalists said that was not their primary plan.
“Our goal is not to stop Superferry from operating,” said Jeff Mikulina of the Sierra Club.
The Sierra Club and Maui environmental groups won an order banning the Superferry from Kahului Harbor, but they said they expect the ferry will be able to survive environmental review.
“I think that would also help being sort of a pressure relief valve for some neighbor islanders who rightfully have some concerns,” Mikulina said.
Because the courts have essentially ordered that process to take place, the Sierra Club has met its first goal and said it is now willing to consider allowing Superferry to sail again under very strict controls.
“Perhaps in the short term they put in extreme measures in to protect for those things then we understand what the impacts are and can go back and revise them. That could be an outcome,” Mikulina said.
Another reason environmentalists might want to settle is that if the Superferry is shut down for a long time or pulls out of Hawaii the public backlash might lead the Legislature to weaken the environmental law.
The Maui groups appear less willing to discuss negotiations. However, they also agree that the Superferry will sail eventually.