Secret Caves, Climbing Banyons, Taylor Camp, No – Tippers, No Shit, and other anti terror devices.

How to start this one…okay, first of all lets start with the hiking group I started here in Hawaii. You can check out some of the videos of our previous hikes at the google group is where the online action happens though…anyway, our next urban adventure is going to be exploring some caves that exist right under the busy University area here in Honolulu.. If I would have known there were caves here…but then I didn’t but now I do. As a kid, my brother and cousins and I used to explore mine shafts in Big Bear Lake, California and the surrounding areas. We would lower each other on ropes, go into water filled chasms, and god forbid that we should find old relics like a box of dynamite. We used to find a lot of cool stuff. Anyway, I’m loving the idea of exploring these caves and if it is a little bit off limits, well…so much the better.

Along the same lines, my friend Sky is doing some really cool stuff with Banyon trees right up the road from where I live. Hawaii’s rocks are generally too crumbly to climb so he has started climbing banyon trees! Check out his site at Very cool stuff.

Sky also told me about Taylor Camp, a camp started by the brother of Elizabeth Taylor on Kauai where tons of hippies in the 60’s and 70’s went and built some cool tripped out commune. There is a movie about it coming here soon…Looks like my kind of deal. My mom told me she was proud of me for being a ‘real hippie’ the other day. Lol. Thanks Ma.

Okay…now on to the not so pleasant. As you guys know, I’m a nature tour guide and the deal with taking a tour is just like eating in a restaurant…we rely on tips primarily because our bosses are too tight to pay us better. So…if you can’t afford to tip…you shouldn’t take a tour just like you shouldn’t eat in a restaurant if you can’t afford to tip.

All I can say is WTF?

In North Carolina, WTF plates were issued to some 9,999 drivers last year, including elementary school teacher Mary Ann Hardee, who teaches computing and technology, the News and Observer newspaper reported earlier this month.

“She wasn’t hip to the Internet-age significance of her new license plate — until she caught her teenage grandchildren giggling at it,” Dan Kane, staff writer at the paper wrote.

Hardee, 60, told the paper she “developed this real self-consciousness” once she found out what her number plate meant in techno-shorthand.

I like this idea of painting optical illusions on the pavement to slow drivers down.
It’s better than these 10 anti terror devices, that’s for sure…

One last terror suspect…the burrowing muskrat who flooded a town…do you think he did it on purpose?