Sci Fi novel Enders Game could be your game

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters Life!) – “Ender’s Game,” the classic science fiction novel about a boy military genius who is trained through war games to fight aliens, is finally becoming a game itself.
Under a deal announced on Tuesday, Chair Entertainment, the game studio behind the recent hit “Undertow,” will develop titles based on Orson Scott Card’s book.
The novel, with its probing of the line between reality and games, has long been eyed by video game fans as a rich source of material for the medium.
Chair plans to make several titles based on the book, with the first one slated to be a downloadable game that should be available in 2009.
Card said he decided to move ahead with an “Ender’s Game” video game after years of wrangling to make a feature film bore no fruit.
“There is going to be a universe of ‘Ender’s Game’ games, hopefully. But that’s like someone starting a restaurant and thinking about opening 100 franchises all over the country,” Card told Reuters.
“Let’s make this one work first,” Card said.
The first game will focus on the Battle Room, the elite military academy where Ender hones his strategic and tactical skills and that provided some of the most memorable scenes in the book.

Sci-fi novel “Ender’s Game” to become video game: Scientific American