Robot Tanks are Real.

I remember when I was in the military, I once shared a barracks room with a proud tank operator. I wonder what he thinks of the new generation of tankers – robots that patrol the battlefield but are not allowed to shoot. One has to ask in a cynical voice, how long can that continue? The answer is simple – until someone says ‘fuck this rule’.

In other news – no one should be surprised to find out that advertising makes us all unhappy.

This really isn’t the world we have to live in – perhaps it’s just fear that is driving us – but we shouldn’t let it. You, me, our kids – we’re all going to die- someday but whether we are happy or not seems to depend on where we are born– in the meantime, maybe there is hope… maybe we should try to focus a little more on living.

Sleeping outside might do wonders for you…