Reno 4th-grader sells lemonade, educates golfers about monk seals


Bishop Museum scientist and Associate Researcher Ken Longenecker received an unusually heartwarming donation this week to support Bishop Museum ’s research to help preserve monk seal populations in Hawai‘i.
The donor’s name is Nevada Whiteside and she is a fourth-grader living in Reno, Nevada. She spent her summer selling lemonade to thirsty golfers on the fairway next to her home, where temperatures topped 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Her check for $100 arrived with the wish that the money would be used to help save endangered Hawaiian monk seals.

Longenecker plans to use Nevada ’s generous donation to help add deep-water fish specimens to the Museum’s Faunal Reference Collection. The prepared skeletons housed in this collection are used by him, and NMFS biologists Maire Cahoon and Mandy Wong to identify fish remains found in seal spew and scat. The research is helping to provide a detailed understanding of the seal’s diet and feeding behavior and these efforts are considered crucial to the recovery and management of the species.
Nevada also helped educate the golfers about the monk seal crisis. With every glass of lemonade sold, she also distributed education materials about the monk seal to her hot and thirsty customers.

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