The Only Reason I Miss Facebook (and why it was bad for me) And Why I Don’t Miss It Afterall.

I’ve realized that the only times I ever miss Facebook are the times that I feel like griping about something that is trivial and petty. Just those little annoyances in life that are usually cast as a snide aside if one is with friends or that had become habit for me on Facebook. It happens less and less, but in the days after I deleted my FB account, it was an urge I had frequently – here is how it would go – something would annoy me and I would think to myself “I should post this on Facebook” – much like our president does with his Twitter (thankfully, Twitter is not a habit that I need to break) – and here’s the thing – these were never that big of deals in the first place, they were the kind of thing that we are bothered by and then they pass and we never think of them again – but I was creating a permanent record of them and then being reminded of them on an annual basis. My friends were being shown a picture of me that was anything but accurate – except in those moments of annoyance themselves. So, to a very real degree, Facebook turned me into someone who was trivial and petty and it re-enforced that behavior on a continuous basis. These days, I have those annoyances (like we all do) – things like someone smelling bad or not getting the whatever it might be that I wanted or something else trivial and petty – and my ego flares up momentarily and I become trivial and petty for a moment (as I think we all do) and then I think I should post this to Facebook and then I trigger this new reaction which is something like ‘there goes my trivial and petty ego again’ and I dismiss it with a warm chuckle, or at worst feel momentarily ashamed at my ego-behavior – and then I go back to being me. No more re-enforcing of my silly egoistness and no more long term recording of my shameful annoyances. And, if it is something that I am annoyed by that I write it here – it is generally at least couched in a bit more of who I am than a momentary rant shot out to the entire planet for the entire future of the human race ….