Ramblin’ Man

rambling man columnIn 1998-1999 I published a weekly column in several papers in Bellingham, Washington under the name ‘Ramblin’ Man‘. The papers were The Echo, The Every Other Weekly, and The Horizon

These are the columns that have survived. They are often silly, often egotistical rants, and often seem to be written by someone who thought he knew more than I do now, but who most likely didn’t. They are currently being republished so some of them lower on the list may not be available until late January 2013.

Ramblin’ Man: No Longer a Vegetarian

Ramblin’ Man: On learning and College Tuition Costs

Ramblin’ Man: Why Ask Y2K?

Ramblin’ Man: Ego and More Y2K

Ramblin’ Man: Millennium Celebrations…..

Ramblin’ Man: The USA

Ramblin’ Man: Bellinghamblin Man #1

Ramblin’ Man: The Internet and Masturbation

Ramblin’ Man: Y2K for your Dining Pleasure

Ramblin’ Man: Peace? Impossible

Ramblin’ Man: There are Billions of Chinese, Dummies

Ramblin’ Man: How to Throw a Handgrenade

A Notice to All Young Men

This war brought to you by….

Ramblin’ Man: Some Real Problems

Ramblin’ Man: On Race Relations and Wealth Discrimination

Ramblin’ Man Reader Rants

The Death of the Barracks in Fairhaven

Seargent Ramblin’ Man Reviews the Haggen Market

A Rant from the Ramblin’ Man

Iraq, Yugoslavia, and a Road in Fairhaven Park

How to Stop a Tank

Cell Block Party in the Police State

Man: Reader Rants Revealed!

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