A Rant from the Ramblin’ Man

A Rant from the Ramblin’ Man

rambling man columnHey, if you’re lookin’ to read about some weird long winded guys vacation outta state, you’re in the wrong column.

I’m here to talk to you about fun, local stuff in 400 words.

How’s this for fun? I was pulled over two weeks ago for speeding down Yew Street hill. They impounded my car, because that’s the law, I guess.

As a result, Johnson’s Towing received a hefty sum from my sad bank account. Who says Bellingham doesn’t encourage local business? We legislate it. After that, I mentioned to the officer that he might as well send a patrol car to pick up my suicide stricken body in about an hour. It was an emotional moment. I had no license, no insurance, and my registration was at home.

I visualized my job ending because of no transportation, my house disappearing because of no job, and my new  magazine Conchsense, going up in smoke.  I’d never kill myself, I’ve suffered from friends that did that. But the Lieutenant didn’t know that. I wanted him to feel the suffering his job causes.

Our society discriminates against the poor, and there’s no difference in Bellingham. Is it fair to punish a single mom, or even underpaid single guy with the same traffic fines Bill Gates would get? No, it’s not. It’s a system designed to keep the poor down and give the semblance of freedom. I was sent to the mental hospital by the good lieutenant for a 10 minute session with a psychiatrist ( I had to pay him too! Not to mention the insurance company, the courthouse, the speeding ticket, the department of licensing  and the Hospitals emergency room) The doc told me I was fine but too theatrical, and emotional and sent me on my way.

The upside is I got a free ride in a cop car while handcuffed,spent two hours in a urine smelling rubber room waiting for the Doc to arrive back from playing golf, and got to get rid of all that money.

Next fun issue. The pipeline is going to re-open. Why? Because it’s a rich corporation that runs it. If it was a poor single guy running that pipeline, he’d be on death row, but its not. It’s a rich corporate entity with lots of cash to grease palms with.

I’ve heard people say, we have no choice. Bullshit. Who’s town is it anyway? Are people the residents here? Why does that corporation get to come in here and tell us what to do where we live, and where they destroyed. Society sucks kids. That’s all there is to it, and the big problem is most people know that they gotta put up and shut up to make it. Not me. I never do seem to know when to keep my mouth shut. I doubt you’ll even see this in print….until I print it. Oops! Too many words, guess I’ll shut up.