It’s Probably Too Late – We’ve already fucked ourselves.

I was that ten year old kid in the early 1980s with a subscription to OMNI. I’ve been fascinated with the topics that magazine covered ever since. I’ve been following the rise of machine intelligence and the human quest to live forever (even if within a machine’s databanks)for most of my life. I probably should have focused my career on those things – but frankly – I was too busy cramming as much experience into every moment as I could in my teens and twenties – and, again frankly – I got sidetracked by the very tricky and deceptive path of drugs and alcohol. I didn’t destroy myself with them, thankfully, but I lost some very good years to them. People are often amazed at the number of things I’ve done in my life – and the reason is because from very early on I’ve been aware of the fact that I’m going to die and no moment is guaranteed. So, I’ve been cramming life ever since – the Marines, a dozen careers, travel all over the world, extreme experiences, and much to my regret – a lot of drunkenness and stupidness as a result. If I could give one piece of advice to any young person it would simply be “Don’t drink alchohol.” I loved all the wild experiences of my drunken heroes, Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac, Jack London, Ernest Hemingway – but the experiences weren’t enhanced by their drinking – I found out too late, they were dimmed by it. Oh well, if a young person is reading this – take heed…

In any event, a life that could have been spent studying artificial intelligence or economics or genetics – instead has been spent in a pretty enjoyable fashion. And here I am – a hobbyist in all these topics – which probably takes me beyond the layman but not to the level of expert – but then, maybe I’m being modest. I understand these concepts and I understand the long term ramifications of them. And – I think we are all fucked and it’s too late now. I don’t think the machines are going to march on us with guns or blow us up with weapons. I think they are going to use our psychology to make us to whatever the machines ultimately decide is best for us. I think we have taken our autonomy and given it away.

The Christian religion – and most of the others – say that God gave us free will. It was the greatest gift of all. And we’ve given it away. We may think we have free will – but it is already much reduced from even what it was when I was a child. No wonder people are doping themselves to death – it may be the only choice they have left. They didn’t really have the choice not to start – most of them were prescribed or peer pressured or led to it somehow. The Facebook and Google and Amazon algorhythms are telling us what to think, what to buy, what to click, what to feel, what to do…my friends on Tinder or other dating apps are being told who to fuck – though they might argue that point.

This person is interested in you – and they are perfect for you. Meet them and fuck them!

I think that’s how it works. We are being told what to eat, how to eat it, what to drive, what to wear, where to go, what to do, and more. I really think it’s probably too late. We’ve already fucked ourselves.

This person is interested in you – they are perfect for you. Meet them and fuck them! Hey, it’s you meeting yourself. Fuck yourself!