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Vago DamitioVago Damitio’s work has been featured and syndicated around the world. He has been featured in guidebooks, done numerous interviews, and is always happy to do more. He is the author of several novels, books on travel, lifestyle design, and other subjects.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Travel Writer’s Association, founder of the International Association of Professional Online Travel Journalists, and member in good standing of the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association.


As Editor-in-Chief of Vagobond – he often writes about quirky luxury, offbeat travel, and fabulous foodie adventures. Vago was a featured blogger for Lonely Planet Blogs We Like (aka Blogsherpa) for the entire life of the program from 2009-2012. Featured in Lonely Planet‘s Around the World with 40 Bloggers (Download here)as one of the world’s top travel bloggers.

He is the author of Trip Advisor‘s Jakarta Travel Guide and writes for numerous publications and magazines about food, travel, and lifestyle design. He is the author of travel guides, novels, and other books.


Travel and Escape Magazine

5 Foods to Try in Turkey by Vago Damitio

Medicine for the Mind by Vago Damitio

A Celebration of Fire and Water by Vago Damitio

5 Rainforest Hikes Near Honolulu by Vago Damitio

5 International Twists on North American Food by Vago Damitio

5 Offbeat Destinations in Morocco by Vago Damitio

10 Ridiculous Reasons Not to Travel by Vago Damitio

5 Best Family Beaches on Oahu by Vago Damitio

5 Offbeat Cultural Experiences in Fez, Morocco by Vago Damitio

5 Free Things to do in Hawaii that Should Cost a Fortune by Vago Damitio

How to Buy a Carpet in Istanbul Without Getting Ripped Off by Vago Damitio

5 Great Family Activities in Istanbul by Vago Damitio

5 Inspiring Travelers You May Not Know by Vago Damitio

5 Offbeat Destinations in Morocco by Vago Damitio

Global Writes- The Official Magazine of the International Food, Wine, and Travel Writer’s Association

Seven Essential Architectural Wonders of Florence Italy by Vago Damitio

Sleeping with Ghosts – London’s Georgian House Hotel by Vago Damitio

Lake Como Italy – A Beautiful Day Trip from Bergamo or Milan by Vago Damitio

Sophia Loren and the Eels of Commachio by Vago Damitio


Al Nawras Magazine – The In Flight Magazine of Air Arabia

Ecotourism in Morocco – by Vago Damitio


Vago Damitio Author Pages

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-Good Reads


Interviews with Vago Damitio

Interview with Flip Nomad October November 04,2012

Interview with Lash World Tour August 08.2012

Interview by Anthony Mathenia July 12, 2012

Interview June 16, 2012

Lonely Planet – An Expats Perspective in Morocco – 2010

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