The Preaster Cat and Preaster Bunny – Celebrating Preaster

I won’t be able to spend Easter morning with my 5-year-old daughter and I hate to miss the excitement and joy of the holidays as she experiences them – so this year- I let her in on a little known secret which I’m about to share with you. The Friday before Easter is a very little known day called PREASTER – yes, Virginia, there is a Preaster Bunny and if you are good he brings you a book, if you are bad he leaves a list of chores – but the real star of Preaster is the PREASTER CAT! If you are good, the Preaster Cat leaves you a hat (and other presents inside it) and if you are bad he leaves you a rat! Preaster is a non-religious holiday – we chose to leave a note for the Preaster Cat and the Preaster Bunny along with a dish of milk for the Preaster Cat and a carrot for the Preaster Bunny.This morning when she woke up – my daughter was overjoyed to find her hat, book, and assorted presents. “I must have been so good!” she exclaimed “I love being good!” And she is – and so a holiday is born. This year, the holiday shifted away from weird religious rituals and candy filled eggs laid by a magic bunny (which will still be there but not be emphasized by us) to the power of being good and being rewarded with a book and a hat. In any event – this morning has been much more fun than most Friday’s before Easter.