No need to read, write, or do math. No need for writers, readers, or mathmaticians.

Consider the following:

this is the first article I have made using voice transcription. the technology is amazing. I forgot the power cord for my laptop when I left for Spain. so I’m working from my phone. I still find it amazing I can speak into this boxing have the words transcribes directly onto the Internet there are a few errors in punctuation or spelling I can understand that. infact even if the words are sometimes completely wrong overall it’s still astounding. I’m amazed that I could potentially write a novel by simply typing in not typing speaking words into my phone. the technology is there and it’s good. what am I doing? I came to Spain renew my Moroccan be set my 3 months in Morocco is up so I’ve spent the past 3 days in Spain first I flew to jerona
I took a train to Barcelona I paid 6 euros for a hospital bed I took a train to the famous monastery a monster rot and hike in the mountains of Colonia. I took another train to figure that s the home of Salvador Dali. I got a hotel room because I didn’t sleep well in the hostel. I slept well in the hotel and now I’ll go to Salvador Dali’s Museum. after that I’ll go back to drown a whirl stay with a friend I once met in the airport. it’s always good to meet people. then the next day I’ll fly back to Morocco where I’ll go back home and continue working. right now my work doesn’t pay I don’t know when it will. but my work is important. at least I like to think it’s important although with the ability to write by simply talking into a phone maybe the work of a writer no longer is important. maybe my work as a writer never has been important. this is the hard part of living

I made this with my phone. Never mind the grammar and misspelling. This wasn’t some complicated computer program at a government lab – this was with my phone. And then, I used Google Translate to put my article in five languages – again, using my phone and the internet.

Technology is astounding and it has almost made writers, readers, and mathmaticians obsolete. You don’t need to be able to read or do math. Punch an equation into Google, have Siri read this article out loud for you, your voice search can show you the results and type in the URLs.

Oh shit…we’ve made ourselves redundant and irrelevant. Now, if we could just turn computers into consumers that would buy our products…oh, looks like there’s still a function for the meat machines after all…we’re the gullible dummies.

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