Nearly nine years since the WTO protests in Seattle

Extraordinary to reflect that I have lived long enough to see communism die and then the capitalism that replaced it too; to see the nation state and the empire wither away in Europe, and now to return in Asia, and that I have managed to do this without getting very old at all.
― Andrew Leonard

Battle in Seattle out today in Theatres
How incredibly strange to see that a movie is being released today about the WTO protests/riots in Seattle. To watch the trailer is bizarre as the memories of being there don’t include Ray Liota. It was a remarkable time and the fact that a movie is being made about it and that it was nine years ago blows my mind. It doesn’t feel like it was nine years ago. It feels like it was yesterday. To my mind, this was the beginning of the destruction of civil liberties in the United States. We were all there to show that we could make a difference and to show that we were serious about the changes we saw our country making and that we wanted them to stop. We wanted our country to be ours again. It was in Seattle that they began the process of taking it from us. First the right to gather and protest, next the right to vote when the Republicans stole the election in 2000 through voter disenfranchisement, next our right to privacy, then our right to live in a peaceful society that refuses to torture…and on and on. I hope this film does more good than our protests did, I hope it doesn’t get gassed and rubber bulletted the way we did.