My perfect day defined….

Vago of the DesertSomeone asked me yesterday to define what I would consider to my own personal perfect day. Here goes:

Each day, I wake up when I want to and don’t have to talk to anyone before my second cup of coffee and morning bowel movement.

Two hours of writing without any interruptions.

After checking to see if there is any urgent good or bad news via email and the web, checking with my assistant before eating a delicious savory breakfast (plenty of tobasco) or some yogurt and fruit and sour dough toast.

I take a long walk in the mountains, near the sea, or through an interesting city or village. Either alone or with people I love – depending on what’s on my plate. Lunch on the go.

I get to use my hands to work on something useful. Building something, painting, auto maintenance, gardening, carpentry, stuff like that. Ideally, there are interesting friends to talk with during this work.

Another checkin with my very capable assistant. Check in with the money machine and make sure it’s flowing my direction. Do any tweaks necessary.

A few hours of web work and research.

Dinner with friends and family followed by chilling out on a balcony or next to a fire somewhere. A bit of wine or scotch isn’t out of the question.

Some lazy sex preferably including a blowjob. Save the acrobatics for special occasions.

An incredibly soft bed with clean, soft sheets and a feather pillow for dreaming on.

Rinse and Repeat.