Muslims and Jews have not been fighting each other forever

Here’s something that flies in the face of ‘conventional wisdom’ In this case it’s the CW that Jews and Muslims have always been at war with one another.

In fact, in history most Jews lived in the Muslim Arab realms (Andalusia, North Africa, Palestine, Iraq and Yemen). Despite sporadic periods of persecution, Jewish communal and cultural life flowered in this period. Muslims granted Jews and Christians exemptions from military service, the right to their own courts of law, and a guarantee of safety of their property. Jewish poets, scholars, scientists, statesmen and philosophers flourished in and were an integral part of the extensive Arab civilization. In 11th century Christian Crusades began, sparking warfare with Islam in Palestine. Crusaders temporarily captured Jerusalem in 1099. Tens of thousands of Jews were killed by European crusaders throughout Europe and in the Middle East. During the period that followed Jews fled to Muslim areas where they were welcomed with open arms, in some cases achieving the highest positions in society.

It was the Christian desire to divide and conquer the middle east which drove Islam and Judaism into warfare with one another. Christians were at war with both peoples. This culminated with the atrocities of Hitler and the creation of the Jewish State of Israel on land that was already occupied by Muslims, Jews, and Christians (Palestine was a mixed society that coexisted peacefully prior to the Israeli occupation).

Ultimately, Christianity managed to install a domination oriented Jewish government in the heart of a region that had thrived for millennium under tolerance and cooperation. Thus, Christiandom caused it’s two enemies to hate one another and kill one another while it sat back creating a new history that ‘those people’ had been fighting one another for all time.