Meliptimous Taggle

Meliptimous Taggle.


“Meliptimous Taggle. “ Thus begins this odd tale of a man with an odd name that doesn’t really sound odd whatsever…even though it is.


“Meliptimous.” When I first heard it, I thought I had misheard him. “Excuse me, sir?” I said to him.


“Meliptimous Taggle,” he said, as slowly and patiently as if he were saying “William Vanderbuilt.”


Meliptimous and Taggle both sounded strangely familiar and yet I’m sure that I had never heard either name before that night. It was simply one of those names that sound exotic and familiar at the same time. More than that, really. I mean. They both sound like true words.


Meliptimous Taggle had more truth attached to him than all the world’s rich guys combined have relatives begging for the crumbs from their tables. If you’re confused how I mean that, read on, and you are sure to see what I mean.


“Meliptimous,” the beautiful redhead squeezing her luscious body against him said, “ Are you sure this is the best place to discuss this?”


Meliptimous laughed and gave me a broad wink. “ I have never been in a more comfortable establishment. We Taggle’s have a way of finding these places.”