Meet the old me…

I used to be me but me by a different name. Used to be that everyone called me Chris, or Christ, or sometimes Christopher. Some people still do, not many, but a few. I don’t mind. It feels like they are talking to someone else, but when it comes down to it, I’m still Christopher Damitio. It’s the name on my passport. It’s the name I was given at birth.

Anyway, a few years ago, after I met my wife – I had to go back to the United States to get some paperwork and some cash so we could get married. The jobs I had lined up all fell through and at the end of my time there, I really only had one asset that I could sell. My blog.

chris damitio 2006At that time, I was blogging at – I was attached to it. It was my name and it was the only source of income I had. I’d been earning about $200 a month with it but some changes in the SEO industry caused the text link ad merchant I was working with to drop all of their casino clients. Overnight, my blog stopped earning $200 and was earning closer to $50 per month.

Before that blog, I’d blogged at,, and a few other domains all the way back to 1998 when I was publishing a magazine online at,  so when someone offered me $1000 for, I counted it as a blessing and took it. Since most people called me Vago by that point anyway, I bought and made a deal with the buyer that I could move all my travel posts from to He also promised not to turn into a porn site and to keep the content I’d produced on it.

I’m pretty sure he managed to get the income up to a few hundred dollars per month again without too much effort. The sale gave me the means to get back to Morocco and the other money I earned gave me the means to marry my pretty little bride. But I always regretted selling my name domain away.

That was back in ’09. I’m sure the guy who bought the domain got his money back from it. A few days ago, though, I sent him an email asking if it was still earning any money. Long story short, I bought it back for $360. My given name belongs to me again. I’m pretty chuffed about it.

If you want to see the kind of kooky blogging stuff I did in the old days, it’s all there stretching back to the Conchsense days in the late 1990’s and all the way into 2009 when my life had changed. There’s some overlap with where the travel stuff was hijacked too, but it’s a nice walk down memory lane.

As you look at my old blog (which, strangely is now my newest blog) you will notice something. I’m a genius. Or, more likely, you’ll just see that once an prick, always a prick. But a prick genius for sure.

I hope you enjoy it even 1/10th as much as I am.