Making a Better 2016 – Choose Your Own Adventure

One of the things I learned last year, was that it’s futile to try to save the world and everyone in it – especially when the person next to you on the bus is miserable and your backyard is a toxic waste dump. I know- I’m being a little dramatic – call it poetic license and let’s move on.

Well, actually, let’s not move on. I was trying to do something sneaky there – I was trying to make you think closer to home without implicating you or me – and let’s face it – it sounded disingenuous at best. We all need to be implicated. Revolution should start with yourself. Or better yet – with me (since I’m you to you).

I can’t save the world or anyone in it when I’m a mess. The first thing to do is to save myself. Ideally, to save myself while keeping those around me safe. This may seem selfish at first glance – but imagine this scenario:

You are on the Titanic and the ship is sinking. For illustrative purposes, it’s sinking really slowly. I mean really, really slowly. It might take years to sink, but in the meantime – no one will come to help. It’s up to the passengers to save themselves. You are there with your spouse and children and friends around you. Even your parents and siblings are on board. The ship is going down and if you don’t do something everyone will die. How do you save the most people? (Now it’s like Choose Your Own Adventure)

If you ****
****wait for someone to come along and save you and your loved ones turn to page 61 (where you all die waiting for someone to save you)
****decide to save your spouse and children by putting them in a lifeboat and shoving off turn to page 63 (where you float aimlessly while those around you die and then you freeze to death because you didn’t take the time to find a jacket and then your family eats your corpse before dying of exposure because you didn’t think about provisions or the elements – by the way – they die of exposure after they eat you)
****go back to your cabin to put on your cold weather gear and grab supplies turn to page 65 (where you have more decisions to make)
****wait for someone to tell you what to do turn to page 67 (where someone else makes all the rest of your decisions for you and may or may not give the book back to you at a later time)
****give up turn to page 69 (where you will die)
****rally all the passengers and attempt to fix the ship using teamwork and a positive mental attitude turn to page 71 (where the ship sinks and everyone dies but in a spirit of great solidarity)
****make yourself a martyr turn to page 73 (where your story ends and the fate of those you love remains unknown forever)

What’s the best option? You choose.

I choose the option where I prepare myself to be in the best possible position to save those I love and care about. Life is all about options and choosing the best one you are able to. Yes, sometimes we choose terribly. It’s no use beating yourself up over that – as long as you are still alive, you can still make choices. Choose your own adventure. Choose your own path. Fix yourself first and then you will be in a better position to help others. If you are totally fixed – I tip my hat to you. I’m not. Not by a long shot. So, I have no business trying to fix anyone else. I’m working on me – I’m conducting my human revolution. I hope you don’t mind me sharing my journey with you.