Look at my hands

I watched them moving and I couldn’t figure out why they all kept looking at me. Every day it was the same – they came into the office, they drank coffee, they looked at me, they became slightly unhappy and then…they went about their business. All kinds of business, making copies, talking on the phone, faxing, writing in ledgers, dealing with customers, filling out TPS reports in triplicate and all the while, there was someone looking at me…they would do it furtively as if the sight of my face made them nervous. I don’t know why they should feel that way, sure I’ve raised my hands a few times and maybe that made them nervous but I aside from the occasional strike or two, it’s been incredibly rare that I’ve ever caused them any sort of pain.

Alright, alright – I admit it – twice a year, no more than that – I sometimes say something that confuses them. Out with the old, in with the new, I say and if it makes the sun make more sense as it shines down on us (though I never see it being stuck in this office) then I think the fear, confusion and even the tardiness that can result are worth it. You can’t really blame that on me though – that’s the government making that decision. Fall back and regroup for another attack if that’s what you are after and when you spring forward, I’ll be ready. My hands are up but my face…there is no fear in it.

Towards the middle of the day, as I put my hands up, most of them leave but some sit surfing the net, eating at their desks and enjoying themselves. During most of this period they ignore me but shortly before the others return…well, they start to look at me with expectation.

I can never understand why they all leave me though but no worries, they will come back and meantime I’ll just be hanging out here. Feel free to chime in if you want give me a name. I promise, I won’t be alarmed. After all, it’s really time you knew who I was…