Liminal Travel: Finding the Spaces in Between

liminaltravelcoverLiminal Travel a guide to fulfilling your desires – with travel.Travel in itself is a freedom from the things that constrain us in life. At least it should be. Liminal Travel outlines some of the ways that those who do travel can get more out of it for less money.While not a budget travel guide, Liminal Travel is a guide to seeing travel in a different light. Chapters focus on earning money on the road, finding the right accommodation, rewarding things to do (for free), and alternative means of getting from here to there.

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6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
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100 pages
Vagobond Travel Media LLC
ISBN-13: 978-1939827081
ISBN-10: 1939827086
BISAC: Travel / Reference
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Why We Travel

Vago makes a compelling argument for the human need to get out and explore this world. Have you ever wanted to travel? What is standing in your way? The books shows how virtually every reason not to travel is a reason why you should! Beyond that it is a love letter to the road and what can be found over new horizons such as adventure, romance, and spirituality.

A Travel Guide for the Locationally Challenged

A confessional, a journal and travel diary , with autobiographical notes, and travel hints for the indigent amongst us. The author , a bright, unique person to be sure, has traveled the world over and explored quite a bit, very cheaply. He gives freely of his expertise to His readers ,the soon to be world travelers. I read the book in a day or two in My spare time , it was interesting , and has valuable information for anyone that wants to hit the road,rails, high seas ,or the air to somewhere new ,exciting, and hopefully better than where you are at, get this book ,give it a read and set out!! Have fun!


This book opened my mind to a whole different world of travel. His experiences and advice work together flawlessly to create a great read.

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