Kucinich drops out of U.S. presidential race

Well, it just figures. The only candidate I’ve been really excited about in years…. Interesting that he isn’t going to endorse anyone. I would have expected him to endorse Obama after he threw his support that way in Ohio.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Dennis Kucinich told a newspaper on Thursday he would end his race for the U.S. presidency after registering little voter support in the early state contests.
Kucinich, 61, a liberal member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Cleveland, Ohio, told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer he would make his withdrawal announcement in that city on Friday.
“I want to continue to serve in Congress,” he said.
His campaign issued a statement saying he would announce plans on Friday for “transitioning out of the Democratic presidential primary race.”
Kucinich is an outspoken Iraq war critic who has consistently voted against funding the war and led anti-war efforts in Congress.
He said he would not endorse another candidate in the race for the Democratic nomination to contest November’s presidential election.

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