Jeanette Winterson comes to the defence of homeopathy

One of my favorite authors defends the alternative therapy that everyone loves to hate. All of my education tells me that homeopathy is claptrap, but I believe in it nevertheless because of personal experience. I had an aching shoulder that had been interfering with my life for days. I took a homeopathic preparation of arnica and 20 minutes later my shoulder hurt so much it took my breath away and I had to lay down. About 15 minutes after that the pain was completely gone and did not recur. Sure, it could be a coincidence…

Picture this. I am staying in a remote cottage in Cornwall without a car. I have a temperature of 102, spots on my throat, delirium, and a book to finish writing. My desperate publisher suggests I call Hilary Fairclough, a homeopath who has practices in London and Penzance. She sends round a remedy called Lachesis, made from snake venom. Four hours later I have no symptoms whatsoever.
Dramatic stuff, and enough to convince me that while it might use snake venom, homeopathy is no snake oil designed for gullible hypochrondriacs. Right now, though, a fierce debate is raging between those, like me, who trust homeopathy because it works for them, and those who call it shamanistic claptrap, without clinical proof or any scientific base.

Jeanette Winterson comes to the defence of homeopathy | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited

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