It’s Time for the United States to Retire

I think the USA should retire. Make Washington D.C. a state, make the territories into States, and then just end the grand experiment and let the 57 states (I think it’s only six territories) figure out what they want to do. Just close up shop. No more Federal Agencies, no more Federal taxes, no more Federal programs, No more military, no more America. Let’s end it. It’s been done for a long time.

Alaska could join Canada. The red states can make a country from the Midwest to the South, the North East States can make a country. The Blue Western states can make a country. And we can all be done with this fiasco. The troops can all go back to the state they came from or stay where they are if they want to be part of the new military in the places they are. The military resources in each state go to the state they are in. Close the bases around the world. Close the embassies. Let’s just end it.

Donald Trump can stay in DC or go back to New York or whatever – just as long as he isn’t where I am and he wouldn’t be. Let’s do it. Let’s end the United States of America. To start, we just all have to stop paying federal taxes and stop voting in Federal elections and stop paying attention to Federal bullshit.

Are we agreed? Okay.