It Might Be Time to Retire My Past

I know it’s not entirely possible in this day and age – the past follows you to the grave, but in my case, I can perhaps unpublish my blogs and books and clean the slate a little. It’s been a good run, but none of this stuff is making money and as time goes on, it is probably like wearing an albatross around my neck. I’m on the hunt for a platform to express myself – I’m pretty sure that the platforms I’ve been using these past two decades are no longer the ones I want to use. I’ve already said goodbye to Geocities and Yahoo Groups Lulu and Friendster and a hundred otgher forgotten and forgettable platforms. Now it is probably a good idea to say goodbye to WordPress, Facebook, Createspace, Twitter, and Google Plus – it’s a shame about Google Plus – it was and still is a better platform than the rest but its days are numbered. Yes, it’s going to be hard to give up the $48 dollars this site earns each year – but I think I will manage to get by. Will the world though?

Cheers. Merry Christmas. Probably not the last post, but we’re getting closer.