Inverted Yield Curve

The yield curve inverted this morning – which historically has been a bad sign for the American economy. It’s indicated a recession before – but we all know the rules no longer apply. Markets are being manipulated with such a heavy hand and without regard for the human consequences that it’s entirely possible that Trump and his cronies will manipulate the markets back to all time highs before the end of the year.

He has to. The economy is his main tool in the election in 2020 – that’s part of the reason why they are playing with it so heavily right now – the way I see it is that here is the likely scenario –

  1. Trump will make the economy blast higher and higher using every dangerous and questionable technique they can to make sure that he wins the election of 2020 – they will use the economy as a bludgeon and all those old white people with 401ks won’t want to give back their gains
  2. If and hopefully when he loses the election – they will pull the carpet out from underneath the economy, scream ‘communist plot’ and refuse to give up power. They will declare an unprecedented national emergency and stay in power – never giving it up.

Or, alternatively, the magicians have run out of tricks and we can expect the coming months to see a crash that will put 2008 to shame. Personally, I think the global economy needs an actual reset and a huge crash could be just the thing. After that we get someone like Andrew Yang or Bernie Sanders in office and we begin to have a more human centered governance – rather than the rape-bro culture we currently have.