Interrogating God

Why would a compassionate and perfect God allow so much suffering in this world? Why do good people often seem to suffer the awful quirks of fate? What possible good could come out of a natural disaster? These are the sorts of questions that the Creator wants us to ask. There are answers but if we do not look for them, it is likely that the lesson will go unlearned.

There are those in this world who will tell you that it is not okay to question the Creator. This can be especially frustrating when something occurs and the response is simply that it was the will of God. Yes, it was the will of God, but Allah wants us to learn the lessons of this world and if we do not ask why something happened, it is as if we have simply not attended school.

I admit that I become frustrated and angry at the events that unfold in this life, whether it is that there are some with so much when others starve or that the baby won’t stop crying or that some asshole just cut me off in traffic or even that I meet some ignorant dogmatic religious person who refuses to open the doors of their mind.

Hurricane Katrina, which all but destroyed the city of New Orleans allowed millions of people to feel compassion for their fellow human beings. It gave people the chance to see that there are a huge number of people in the world that want to do good. It provided the opportunity for the spiritual growth of a huge portion of the population. And maybe, it even gave an exceptional child the chance to move from a school where they might have gotten involved in drugs and gangs to a school where they can learn how to improve the lives of everyone on this planet.

Today, ask the Creator questions about hardships you have seen or heard about. Explore your own trials of this life and listen closely and you will certainly come to understand that there was more positive than negative that came from these events. It’s hard to believe but the events of the world are not senseless….