I’m a Dam Idiot – Really, it’s my ancestry

We always had stories about Native American ancestors and suspiciouns about some Asian ancestors and a lot of other stories in our family. My surname was always a bit of a mystery – it sounded Italian but we were told we were French German on that side. So, recently, I got a genetic test done to see. It turns out that we’re white people through and through. My DNA test showed that my heritage is roughly 50% Scotch/Irish/Welsh and 47% French German with about 1% English 1% Greek/Italian and .5% Eastern European and .5% Iberian (Spanish,Portuguese). The genetic test also came back and said there was a very high probablility that my ancestors were among the first European colonists to North America. It was all pretty interesting so I took a free membership the ancestry site and did some late night digging. I found some interesting brances of the family. My 4th great grandmother was the sister of Daniel Boone the great frontiersman. And, from many sides, my family had indeed come to North America with the earliest colonists – even on one of the most famous ships of them all the Mayflower. There were many prominent great uncles and such- but honestly, no real stand out historical direct ancestors. On my maternal grandmothers side there was more of that as well as a lot of McLeods, McDonalds, and McKinnons. And of course, following my name back was the most interesting. The Damitios came from France to the United States in the early-mid 1800s and always kept going west. They were probably trying to get away from the memory of what their name had once been – but even here in Hawaii – as far west as I can go – the origin of the name has finally caught up with me. Tracing the name back to the mid 1500s in Alsace-Lorraine in modern day France, I find the earliest ancestor with my name – well, the earlier version of it – Nicolas Damitio didn’t spell it the way his descendents did – back then and for a couple of generations following – our proud name was spelled in a more descriptive way. Damidiot. Yeah, I’m a dam idiot. I’m descended from dam idiots. It all makes sense now. So, let me summarize – I am a white dam idiot. If I didn’t already have a child who shares my name, I would probably consider changing it to something like Darndummy or Dangfool or maybe just Nincompoop. I’ve tried to look into the origin of the Damidiot name, but it seems that my ancestors were at least smart enough to change it and try leaving it behind – not so me, however. I’ve pulled it right back out into the daylight. Chris Dam Idiot.