I am 100% Anti-Gun

No Guns
I am now 100% anti-gun. No hunting guns, no survival guns, no army guns, no self protection guns. Hate me all you want GUN NUTS but if it were up to me, I’d melt every one of your guns and if I had to pry them from your unconscious fingers, that would be worth it. Learn some real survival skills like how to make a bow and arrow and stop hiding behind your guns with your fear and madness. Up yours NRA!! I don’t have a gun and if any gun nuts want to come after me, you better be prepared to lose your gun, because I don’t need guns, our world doesn’t need guns. I will take and break your guns, gun nuts. Governments that were truly just would confiscate all of them and melt them down – sorry hunters, learn to use a bow. I no longer support you. If you live somewhere where there are dangerous animals – you should move. I am 100% anti-gun. 100%. No army guns, no civilian guns, no guns. Period.