How to cut a mango

== Steps ==
1. Wash the mango. Do not peel the skin.
2. Cut the mango into three pieces.

3. A mango has a flat seed in the middle, and the fruit itself has the shape of a slightly flattened oval. Find the long axis of the mango.
4. Make two parallel slices along the length of the flatter sides of the mango, on either side of the seed (assume the seed is 3/4″ thick). You want a good amount of mango to be left on the cheeks.
5. Make light cross-cut slices on the two cheeks. Do not slice through the skin.
6. With your middle and ring fingers, push the skin-side of the mango cheek up so that the skin can lie flat on the plate and your cross-cut fans out.
7. Serve the mango as is, or cut along the base of the cross-cuts (close to the skin) and serve the pieces in a bowl. A curved, serrated “grapefruit” knife is very handy for cutting down close to the bottom curve of the skin from the cut edges.
8. Eat the flesh around seed (if desired), by peeling off the skin from the middle section. Stick a fork in the middle of the seed (just slightly “hammer” it in with the palm of your hand), then chew around the seed to eat it. Beware the juicy mess!