Historical Bullshit

I’m a tour guide and an archaeologist – so I shouldn’t be saying this, but frankly, I’m more qualified to say it than most. Here goes: Historical preservation is bullshit.

Here is my thinking – if I find the bones of a dead person in Hawaii, that area is protected and if there are some important artifacts they are protected and preserved – which usually means boxed up and put in the attic of some museum or archaeology firm at great cost and with great care – even if there are millions of similar finds and the liklihood of learning anything new from these finds approaches zero. Meanwhile there are literally thousands of living people within several miles of me who are homeless, mentally ill, addicted to drugs, living in abject poverty, and suffering hugely. Also within miles of me is a huge expanse of land which was bombed by the Japanese nearly 70 years ago – the government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to preserve this site, to buy ships and aircraft, to renovate it, to staff it, to provide security for it, and more. Seriously, hundreds of billions of dollars and that is complete fucking bullshit. Every day more and more sites get historical protection and the cost of real estate goes further out of reach of the majority of people who are alive. We protect the trash of people who died a hundred years ago more than we protect our children and their future.

History is great. We should take pictures, write books, and take important samples. This obscene fetishism our society pours on it, however, is complete and total bullshit. Not only are we promoting a vile form of disgusting nationalism, we are glorifying warfare and carnage, we are perpetuating the worst humanity has to offer. We are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to do it while arts and science and literacy programs are being defunded. We have a bullshit airplane museum AND a bullshit homeless problem which could easily be solved with less than a third of the funds thrown at airplanes that no longer fly.