Hillary Clinton and ‘wish I would have said that’ syndrome

I voted for Hillary Clinton. She wasn’t even close to being my favorite candidate of all time, but, frankly, I wanted to see a woman in the White House and I didn’t want to see Donald Trump in the White House. So my vote was clear.

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton is releasing a book right now. It makes something very clear. She was a victim of bullying and now she is letting us know that she wishes she would have said that. It’s something we all do when we are bullied, but we don’t all get paid for big public speaking engagements to do it.

Donald Trump is a disgusting creature – there is no doubt about that – but with this book, Hillary Clinton shows us who she really is, a mean, petty, angry old white lady – actually, sort of exactly the profile of the women who voted for Trump. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that she didn’t win the election – except that someone who is just as awful and quite possibly worse won the election.

Why couldn’t we have had a female candidate like Sarah Silverman? Why couldn’t we have had a candidate like Oprah? In 2016 we had a choice between a bunch of lame old white people. Bernie Sanders sounded great but even Fidel Castro in Cuba wouldn’t have been able to deliver what Sanders was promising…He was just another delusional old white dude…yeah, he’s a crotchety old Jew and yeah, I would have voted for him if he had made it to the general election – but Clinton was in charge of the party machinery and she ran the most inept campaign in modern history. Worse than Al Gore’s!

Now here she is, lashing out at everyone and anyone. Blaming everyone else for her loss. Trying to justify to herself that she was cheated and using the rest of us to do it. She wasn’t cheated. She was bullied and she ran a terrible campaign. Jeb Bush isn’t releasing a book and he was bullied far worse by the bully in chief. The biggest problem in Clinton’s campaign was her tone – (and that was Jeb’s problem too) – her tone sounded like she probably really is – she sounded like she thought she was better than everyone around her. Her gesstures to silence applause with that smug look on her face. Her toneless and arrogant speech patterns and then her incredibly awkward attempts to make herself into the everyman or everywoman. When you know someone is arrogant as fuck and they are working hard to bring themselves down to your level – it doesn’t work. It makes people resent you. The message you are sending is “I know I’m better than you but look, I can lower myself to communicate with you” and that message sends a big fuck you to those people. And those people want to see you fall. And so we had that versus the super rich asshole who was just who he was. And the super rich asshole won. His message was “I’m better than you but you can be as good as me” and hers was “I’m better than you but I can be as low as you”

That’s it – end of story. Well, that and that the width and breadth of racism and sexism in this country was vastly underestimated after 8 years of Obama.

So now we get to hear Hillary tell us all the things that were done to her, how she was victimized, and all the things she wishes she would have said. We get it, Clinton. Nobody likes to lose to an asshole – but all you are doing with your book is showing us that we had no choice to begin with – an asshole was going to win this election either way.

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