Hello – It’s Me Again – Chris Damitio

Hello, Remember me?

Yeah, that’s right – the same Chris Damitio that used to be filled with hubris and called himself the Chairman of the Fukn Bored – same guy that told everyone to start calling him Vago instead of Chris – yeah, well, it’s me. I’m back.

DSCN6083I’m not nearly as full of myself as I used to be so if you are looking for the arrogant prick doing drunk wine podcasts or writing as if he knows everything about Buddhism or Anarchism you’ll have to go digging in the archives.

That’s just not me anymore. I think I’m rather boring now. I’m a dad. I’m married. I struggle to pay the bills. I have a jeep and a boat – but just to be clear, they are an old jeep and an old boat that I’m not sure even floats.

I spend a lot of my time buying stuff at garage sales and estate sales and then trying to sell them on Ebay. I also spend a lot of time trying to earn a few dollars here or there on the web.

I have a handful of estranged relationships that I’d prefer to not have looming over me, but I’m not sure I’m ready to fix them yet. I’m pretty conservative in that I think the government isn’t doing anyone that isn’t already rich very much good and I would prefer the government stopped trying to do so much and just did its bit to make things fair and level the playing field. At the moment, the government only creates barriers to equality while telling everyone that equality is the goal. My two cents.

I’m not a drunk or a drug addict. I’m not a philanderer. I don’t have those issues. I’m not a criminal. I’m just a dude trying to take care of his family. I want to cruise around, eat some nice food now and then, learn to fly fish, and keep fixing my jeep so that I never have to get a new car.

I’m at a bit of an existential crossroads. I’ve done a lot of traveling and a lot of writing. I’m not sure I’ve done much good traveling or good writing. I’d like to do more of both.

I’d like to figure out some way to pay off my damn student loans. $43K and rising.  I’ve got a deferral request in. Not sure where that is at right now. I don’t have the money to make my payments though.

Not sure where society, the US, the economy, or anything else is headed. Doesn’t matter to me, actually – I’m skirting around the bottom so can’t go down much further no matter what happens. Unless the zombie apocalypse happens – then I’m ready to go – but (sorry for the spoiler) – that’s not going to happen.

So – that’s me. Here I am. What about you?