Google+ Anthropology 1

The Anthropology of Google+ Part 1

What is it about Google+ that has turned people on so quickly and so rabidly? There are those in the Google+ beta test that speculate that the creators of Google+ have, in turn, utilized user experience to create new user experiences. Users have already have dedicated hundreds of thousands of hours creating testing every possible feature and how they might be used in an effort to discover all of the mysteries Google+ has thus far only hinted at. Are the users themselves in some measure responsible for the creation of this new social network? Is Google+ and its userbase existing as a sort of post modern mise en abyme in which the reflections of the users are reflected in the network which are in turn reflected back upon the users in some sort of endless cycle? What are the specific tropes that Google+ is starting from and how have these affected the development thus far of the network, now entering its fourth week?

Your thoughts?
I will be continuing this series here at Google+. It seems the best forum for this exploration…stay tuned. ~Vago