Eclipse of the Misogynist

All these white men being called out and ousted for sexual harrassment have no one to blame except Donald Trump. Trump’s blatant mysogeny and sexual abuse of women has empowered American women to stand up and tell it like it is (and like it always has been). This may be the only good thing to come from the Trump administration.

There is a whole lot more coming. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Sexual assault, sexual harrassment, and sexual abuse has been a male way of life in America for a long long time…

Every guy in America is waiting to get called out for something…and we all deserve it. I’m not innocent and neither is any other man I know – we’ve all crossed the line with women at some point in our lives. I’m aware of some of the times I have (and probably unaware of other times I’ve done so on autopilot). I was wrong and for what it may be worth – I wish I’d been more respectful, more aware, more conscious and less consumed with fulfilling a bullshit male requirement. I’m not making excuses for myself or for anyone else here – the truth is though – I was taught this macho bullshit. It was encouraged, expected, rewarded, and condoned. I shudder at the stories I laughed at and the disrespectful behaviour I engaged in, observed, and condoned.

It’s time for the culture of mysogeny to stop. The chips are going to fall. Let’s let them. It’s going to be painful for men – for all of us. It’s been painful for women for a long time. This needs to happen. And it needs to happen in a much bigger way than it already is.