Ebola in the USA – Promotional Stunt for The Walking Dead or Proletariat Genocide?

It’s like the plot of some badly written hollywood horror flick – a man tries to get a pregnant woman with Ebola into a hospital only to have her sent back home – where she dies. Then he gets on a plane, flies to the capital of the European Union and then takes a plane to the USA – but wanting to make sure even more passengers going to diverse locations are infected – he takes a second plane to Dallas, Texas.

Once in the USA, he hugs and kisses his girlfriend’s five kids – who go to four different low income schools in the Dallas Area – and then proceeds to get really sick and vomit and bleed in the low income, overcrowded apartments he is staying in – a neighbor takes him to the hospital – and in a quirky twist of fate – he is turned away and sent back home by taxi cab – where he continues to expose people for two more days by visiting shopping malls, pharmacies, and fast food restaurants. When news gets out – the hospital says “Yeah, we’ve got it covered” and put him in an improvised safe unit – while telling the poor people back at the apartment complex to hang tough and stay indoors… – yeah, that’s been working in Liberia and Sierra Leone too.

It’s like the badly written plot of some horror flick – but, actually – it’s real. And who knows what plot twists have been left out – with an incubation period of 2-24 days – we can wait and see…meanwhile, it seems like maybe the Unabomber’s idea of the Bourgouisie playing a genocidal trick on the old proles might be in the works – let’s face it – the rich don’t need all of us, only enough to mow their lawns, fly their planes, and grow and cook their food and again – let’s face it – that doesn’t take 8 billion. Imagine a country of 5 million people all serving their uber-rich overlords – it’s not hard to see how it makes sense.

Me? I’m hanging tight for the next month and seeing where the next case of Ebola crops up – my money is on either Chicago, Detroit, or New Orleans but I won’t count out LA, San Francisco, Seattle, or New York either –

In the meantime – I’m going to be eating a lot of curry and garlic – you never know – it might help.