Douchebags, Fags, and Hags: A Journey into the History, Customs, and Culture of the Sultanate of Baboob

Sultanate of BaboobThe economy is terrible. Love is nowhere to be found. The Sultanate of Baboob is ready to explode.

Pigrone ‘Pig’ Martin leaves the comfort and simplicity of Las Vegas to take an English teaching course in Madrid. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and when a well-meaning Spanish bartender introduces Pig to the exotic culture of the Sultantate of Baboob, things quickly jettison out of control.

Pig accidentally offends the Pickle Juice Tea Master, incurring a Babooban blood debt that must be satisfied or his life is forfeit, but all Pig wants is to find the girl of his dreams – a task made harder by virtue of his overwhelming desire to marry a sexy nun. Now he has to find a way to get inside the least understood nation in the world to repay his blood debt, save his life, and find his own version of paradise.

The journey to Baboob will take Pig from Madrid to Rome, Sicily, Libya, Tunisia, and all the places in between. He must navigate a sensual world of treacherous nobility, backpacker back-stabbing, and revolutionary politics. For Pig to survive encounters with descendents of hash-crazed pirate smugglers and the deadly nuns of Baboob, it will take extreme luck, or maybe just some help from the douchebags, fags, and hags he meets along the way.

Lonely Planet meets Austin Powers in the mixing bowl of Pig’s journey to change himself from a douchebag into a hero.

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