Doomsday – A review


A film review by Vago Damitio

If you have any respect for my taste in movies…you will probably lose it if you see Doomsday. I caught Neil Marshall’s latest film at the dollar theater which could go partway to explaining why I liked it so much. If I had paid $10…ah hell, you know what? If I had paid $10, I would still have liked it better than just about anything else that I’ve seen in the sci-fi genre in a long time.

First off, let me explain, this movie has problems. Why are Scottish people cannibals when there are huge herds of feral cattle on the roads? Is it actually easier to make crossbows instead of using ammunition? Are people so dull that they would pass by boxes containing potentially useful equipment hundreds of times without opening them? Why do blast doors open onto a highway and why is there a simple cave entrance? Get the point? The continuity of the story line here requires such an enormous suspension of disbelief that you just have to give up completely, but once you do, it’s as enjoyable a ride through Mr. Toads land as you can have, complete with scenes from every post apocalyptic slasher film ever made and with a bit of sword and armor stuff thrown in too.

A rock star cannibal punk rock cult of mindless cannon fodder just waiting for someone to tell them that “If you’re hungry, eat a piece of your friend”. Rhona Mitra and that amazing smirk carry the movie despite the fact that instead of getting a phone with a digital camera she likes to take her eye out and hold it around corners.

This was one of those movies where there is so much blood and gush that you can’t really take it seriously and yet when they were carving up the ‘meat’, I felt myself get a little queasy and heard groans from the hobos in the audience.

The back story didn’t make complete sense, the action didn’t make much sense (like why can a bunch of punk rock cannibals take out two heavily armored military vehicles but they can’t figure out how to use the guns and weapons they take?), and the ending did wrap things up rather sloppily and left the door open for a sequel.

Let’s face it, this movie was a real piece of shit. I loved it. I can’t remember hoping for a sequel this much since I saw Star Wars in 1977.