Donald Trump is not Real. He’s like Max Headroom. Trump is not human.

In case you have been wondering what the fuck is going on in the United States – we have elected a fake president. I’m not saying he isn’t really the president – he is that. There’s no doubt about that one now. I’m saying that Trump himself isn’t real. He’s like Max Headroom. He’s an illusion. The person who speaks on the stage is an actor, paid to say the outrageous things he says. Notice he doesn’t really DO anything. I mean, he gets on stages and performs like a trained dog. He sends out ‘tweets’ which is questionable because has anyone ever actually seen him tweeting – and even his Twitter handle is a study in irony realdonaldtrump… Remember FakeSteveJobs? He was more real than RealDonaldTrump. There is a reason that nothing on his agenda has been accomplished, there is a reason he hasn’t filled scores of government jobs, there is a reason that he doesn’t do press conferences or have white house media or a thousand other things that REAL presidents of the USA have done – it’s because he is not real.

There’s a reason you don’t see him with his wife, why she rebuffs him, why you don’t see him with his kids having family moments, why you don’t see him being a real human being. It is because he is a robot covered in makeup – an actor – quite possibly not even a real human being.

Max Headroom, by the way, predicted Trump would be President.