Dogs: Best friend and Worst Enemy of some

Here are two very different stories about dogs from the headlines today.

PORTAGE, Ind. – A black Labrador that bit a 13-year-old boy’s foot repeatedly, waking him up, is being credited with saving the boy and two of his friends from a house fire. Christopher Peebles said he woke up Friday morning to feel his dog Laney biting his foot repeatedly in the basement of his family’s home, where he and two friends had spent the night.
Dave Peebles said that one point after Laney had ushered Christopher and his friends out of the house the dog ran back inside and wouldn’t come out until he went in to get her.
Peebles said his son and the dog were “real close.”
“She’s always been very protective of him,” Vicky Peebles said of Laney.

HOUSTON (Reuters) – A Houston-area man was killed in a hunting accident after his dog stepped on a loaded shotgun in the back of a pick-up truck, triggering a blast that pierced the vehicle and the hunter’s leg, a local sheriff said.
Investigators found paw prints and mud from the dog, a chocolate Labrador retriever named Arthur, on the shotgun, LaRive said. No word on whether charges are being pressed.