Deer Hide Chair Attributed to Sarah Boone (sister of Daniel Boone)

deerhide chair

This deerhide chair comes from the Wilcox Family, a family directly descended from Sarah Boone, the sister of Daniel Boone. Sarah is most famous for having shot a Native American through the eye as he rode at high speed swinging an axe towards her husband John Wilcockson. The chair is an early pioneer type chair with a deerhide seat.  It was brought from North Carolina by members of the Wilcox family who settled on Knob Hill just after the Gold Rush. The chair was purchased by Captain Vapoor in 1912 for his Bizarrities exhibitions. Famous gunmen, Indian Chiefs, and story tellers – including Mark Twain were said to have spoken of the Pioneer times while seated in this chair.


Boone's Deerhide Chair