Dear White Men – please stop … just stop…

Dear White Men,

I’m one of you, I’m a white man. An American, born and raised. I’m a vet. I’m heterosexual. I’ve hunted animals with guns. I’ve driven drunk, paid for it, and learned my lesson. Seriously, I”m one of you. I played football in school. I’ve owned a pickup truck. I’ve owned guns – all kinds of guns. I can go on, but do I need to? Have I got white guy cred yet? Will you listen?

Please stop. All of it. Just stop it.

You know what I’m talking about. Yes, I’m talking about the murder of innocent people – defenseless people. Kids in elemntary schools, people at the movies, people in church, people at concerts, people playing sports, in general – people just trying to live, trying to get by, trying to figure out why they are here and why life is so fucking confusing, people just being people.

Stop killing people. Just quit it.

I know you are mad and looking for someone to blame. The world isn’t what you were told it would be. You didn’t get what you wanted. None of us did. We all have to deal with it. You’re making it worse though.

It’s not just the killing though. The whole bro-culture thing, the macho date raper and sexual asault things, the gay bashing, the racism, the road rage, the internet trolling, the calling of people snowflakes or libtards, the rest of it. All of that stuff…it’s disgusting and it’s fucking up everything. You are making things worse for yourselves and for other white men. You are creating a world where being a white man is an ugly thing. You are doing it. Stop it. Just stop.

Look, I’m a white man and you are making me hate white men. Imagine how you are making people who aren’t white men feel? Do you think they are appreciating white men more because of you? Do you think they are attracted to white men more because of you? I can promise you, that you are not making the world a better place for anyone. You are making the world a scary, ugly, awful place and you are making it awful for everyone – including yourself and other white men.

Please stop it. Please.


Christopher Damitio