Creating a Better World – We should at least try, right?

Aloha and Merry Christmas,

First – Trump has to go. There is still no solid guarantee that will happen. He and his most loyal brown shirts are openly discussing insurrection. This even as he refutes that the huge Russian hack was huge or Russian – despite the evidence, because we know who we are talking about here, right?

He keeps trying to reverse it…he filed a new long shot motion on Sunday. His enablers keep trying to reverse the election – to steal the election – to steal the presidency.

He’s not planning on leaving the White House. He has scuttled relief for American workers by asking congress to give $2000 instead of $600. That’s like me asking my wife to go do the neighbors dishes…congress will react the same way. So, it won’t happen. He is chaos.

Look, I know this stuff is tiresome and I know that no one wants to hear it. I keep beating this drum because as much as we all want it to be done – it’s simply not. Extreme caution and vigilance are warranted. There has never been a situation like this in the USA and there are no safeguards built to handle it – at least none that our spineless Senate will follow through on.

Trump and his enablers should all be charged with genocide.

It’s not all bad news in the world though – news outlets are finally starting to state the obvious: 50 years of ‘trickle down’ economics haven’t worked.

Here is a potential solution to a housing and homelessness problem that has existed for a long while. Why has it taken so long? Native American, Pacific Islander, Alaska Native traditional housing to. combat disproportionate homelessness of these groups.

Bitcoin has made at least 66,500 new millionaires this week. You read that right. That’s just the number of Bitcoin wallets that crossed the million dollar mark this week with the extraordinary and ongoing rise of Bitcoin – something that is reshaping finance and monetary systems worldwide – hopefully in ways that will make the world a better place. It’s probably not too late to invest in Bitcoin as most experts are now saying it could rise to as much as $400,000 in the coming years. Right now it trades at around $23,000 per Bitcoin.

Here’s a short post I wrote about how to invest in Bitcoin back on July 25th of 2018. If you had bought a single Bitcoin on that day – you would have made a profit today of right around $15,000 but you would have had to hold it through losses of $5000 and not panic sold at new highs or lows.

Also – if you want to become a day trader to make up for the loss of your employment or unemployment – here’s a link to join Robinhood where you can trade stocks or crypto. You’ll get a free stock for using this link – and I’ll get one too.

A word of warning – it’s gambling – plain and simple but it has an element of knowledge and skill to it as well – so maybe it will be a good thing. Your odds of winning are better than this:

If you are looking for signs of doomsday – the winter solstice on Monday gave you the eruption of Kilauea and the so called ‘Christmas star’ when planets aligned in the night sky. So, get ready. And hey…maybe the aliens are finally calling us…

Merry Christmas,