Convert the US Marine Corps into the US Med Corps – Drastic and Useful Idea

I’ve been floating this idea for a while – but from where I sit it makes sense to use the United States Marine Corps into the United States Medical Corps. It’s not as difficult or crazy as it sounds. With COVID-19 we need an action ready branch that can deploy into dangerous situations when needed. Marines have what it takes.

1) Move all military medical personnel into the USMC

2) Move Marine aviators to the USAF or USN. Move Marine Recon and heavy combat troops to US Army or US Navy.

3) Offer crash medical training to all Marines willing to stay and become healers

4) Recruit (draft if necessary) doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, endocrinologists, and nurse practitioners into the USMC (U.S. Med Corps)

5) Create two divisions in the USMC – domestic med corps and international med corps

6) Use the new USMC as the basis for universal health coverage in the USA.

7) Make a 2 year commitment to either defense, healing, or infrastructure mandatory


Look, I’m not a fan of nation states. I’m not a fan of drafts or mandatory service, and as a Marine who served – I can see why this would cause a lot of devil dogs to protest  – but given the circumstances, this makes sense. The Marines are the best candidates to save us all.