Constant Rain Creates Mold Holes

The Oregon Coast is filled with decaying structures and ever-present mold. There isn’t much you can do about it. Hang a picture on the wall for a while, pretty soon there is mold between the wall and the picture. Same goes for furniture, rugs, and if you have metal things like tools or bicycles – the surface rust is almost instant and if you leave it for a season, it becomes a rusty old thing. The garage in the house we rent is a mold/rust/decay swamp – everything I’ve ever put in the garage has been ruined. The first year it was water damage, the next year I covered everything with tarps and the mold got in, the third year here it was rust and mold combined with water damage, last year I realized that anything in the garage was going to be ruined so left nothing but things that can’t be ruined like crab traps and rusty tools.

I brought nice carpets with me when we moved here. My favorite one was ruined by rain dripping from the center of my office (which is downstairs on the first floor) and yet, somehow the rain dripped from the ceiling fan right onto a beautiful Persian rug. A new leak sprung from an interior wall the other day and started dripping on my 150 year old mahogany secretary desk, but it was caught by a Chinese porcelain vase I had on top of it.

Things just get ruined here. My new enclosed trailer started leaking the other day – when it rains constantly and the wind blows constantly and the mold grows constantly and the leaks find their way in constantly – things just get destroyed. On the Oregon Coast, all it takes is a season of weather to turn new to old, another season of weather to turn old to worn, another season turns worn to broken, and it takes just one more to turn broken to ruin. I’m feeling the four winters we’ve been here – I started new but am on my way to ruin if I stay here any longer.

We mustn’t let that happen.