No more comic books and super hero movies – PLEASE!

Hollywood never has had a very keen imagination but it seems like all they make these days are superhero and comic book movies – the lure of merchandising and cross media promotion was too much. It used to be cool, now it’s just embarrassing. Please, no more superhero or comic book films, no more 1960s and 1970s remakes, no more sitcoms or TV classics turned into features.

Something new would be nice. Here are a few ideas:

George Washington before America

The Surrealists

Folk Artist Narrative Biopics we’ve never heard of

Cesar Chavez

Nazi USA – where the Germans won WWII (Imagine a world where Germany dominates Europe and the USA is a fascist state..oh wait…we already have that…)

Norman Rockwell – Serial Killer

Ataturk starring Mel Gibson and Russel Crowe

Evil Kneival biopic

The most boring man alive – Ben Stiller does nothing for two hours while the audience checks their phones for text messages

The Stealing of the Presidency – an all out conspiracy nut pic starring every star you can think of but especially Woody Harrelson as Nixon and Angelina Jolie as Jackie O and later with Adam Levine as Reagan and Chevy Chase as Bush Sr.

Just please, no more comic books!