Colbert to Run for President

I won’t vote for him…or Obama…or Hillary…or GOP…or Ron Paul…but maybe for Kucinich or if Edwards gets the nomination, I would vote for him. It will be interesting to see what the third parties come up with…besides Colbert.

Stephen Colbert Officially Announces Run for White House!
NEW YORK After nearly a solid week of dropping hints, Stephen Colbert threw his hat in the ring in the race for president tonight.
First, he made a surprise appearance at his old home, Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” Tuesday night to make an official announcement: He was officially considering a run for president and would announce his decision “some time soon.”
Soon arrived about 20 minutes later on his own show, The Colbert Report, when, with balloons falling, he said, ‘Yes, I’m doing it!” Then he welcomed CBS political analyst Jeff Greenfield to analyze his impact on the race “in the past three minutes.”
Greenfield said it was “astounding.”
Colbert took out one of the erstwhile “Colbert/Stewart 2008” bumper stickers that have circulated for awhile and cut out the Stewart part, saying that he might replace Jon Stewart as a possible vice president with someone named “Huckabee” or even “Putin.”
He said he would run as “favorite son” in his native South Carolina in both the Republican and Democratic primaries.
On “The Daily Show,” Colbert said it was all natural for him since he was born in the town of Could-be-President.
He was driven onto the “Daily Show” set by man in an Uncle Sam outfit and immediately set out a bale of hay and popped a brew to prove he was a man “of the people.”
Colbert said that he would at least make a big effort in South Carolina. The largest public TV network in that state had told E&P last week that it would be happy to allow him to launch his campaign at its studios.
Greenfield said that in the GOP primary he would have to stress his military background. Colbert seemed to say he served in the Marines but it turned out he meant “at a marina.”
To finance his campaign, he threatened to sell advertising patches on his suit, like a NASCAR driver.
He has a new book out, “I Am America.”

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