Caucuses Schmockises- 2008 in brief

Can’t we just fast forward to the end of this election already? Lately the news seems to be about two things- candidates and Brittany- latest news is that she was dropping acid and had some sort of a meltdown that ended in a standoff with police- get those kids into Kfeds hands pronto! In other 2008 news, the US economy continues to crash, energy prices are higher, the dollar is worth less, the writers continue to strike and have shown that they are the back bone of a trillion + $ industry, crime is up, profits are down, education is becoming worse, there seems to be no room for a third party candidate- again, Africa is burning and the world doesn’t care- still doesn’t care- this time it’s huge unrest in Kenya and of course massive troubles in Nigeria over oil- that might get some attention- meanwhile Iraq is still a quagmire but the US continues building the worlds largest embassy, China continues polluting the planet and displacing the poor in preparation for the olympics, Justice is still hiding and Freedom is just as elusive for the vast majority of the world’s population…and simple ideas continue to be shot down in favor of expensive, non sustainable, and far too complex plans that favor some fat cat over the vast majority.
That’s the news. I’m Chris Damitio and this is 2008 on the TerrorSuspect Network.